White Animal Life

White Animal Life aka WAL was inspired by the 17th and 18th century animals that were used as decoration on tureens and were also in existence because of their great conversational value. We reinvented the function of these objects and give the animals more power. they overrule function and so function is inferior to decoration. Be carful when you use them, you need to be rather conscious of what you’re doing and be in the ‘moment’, There's mindfulness for ya!

Who's a good Boy?

Imagine your sweet loyal dog, reliable as ever to trust your spare change to. WOuldn't that be just fabulous? Well, now you can! More trustworthy than the bank, that's for sure. We have a whole pack of the cutest puppies to start saving for a lifetime. Ok Maybe not for a lifetime but for a very long time anyway. Check our pack here!


Other Projects

The Copper labyrinth

The copper labyrinth was a joint project with van heesch design.